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[IP] I am a PERSON, not just a diabetic

In a message dated 5/29/98 8:52:28 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm Jane again, not just a diabetic.

Jane, I know exactly what you mean.  A few years after diagnosis, a group of
my friends gave me a birthday gift.  It was a basket filled with all sorts of
"sugar-free" sweets.  Some candy, some of that awful sugar-free syrup, some
jam, etc.  I know they meant well, and I was gracious in my thanks to them,
BUT.... I was saddened by the fact that they seemed to identify me with
diabetes more than anything else. I felt that the only thing they must have
been able to think of when they thought of me was "Mary Jean has diabetes".  I
do have lots of other interests, and I like the same kinds of things other
people like.  

The pump has helped ease this quite a bit.  Recently, at yet another birthday
gathering, these same friends remarked at how wonderful it is that I could
choose to eat the cheesecake along with the rest of them.  And my gift this
year was an item to decorate our cabin.  I was also given "real" chocolate
this year, which I LOVE!!  It is nice to be able to be "Mary Jean, the
quilter, cabin builder, internet junkie, wife, mom, daughter, sister,
volunteer, gardener, avid reader, dog lover, bird watcher, contemporary jazz
fan, sports car driver, little league baseball scorekeeper, Green Bay Packers
fan, lover of logic problems, collector of folk art chickens, and insulin pump
evangelist" again, instead of "Mary Jean, the diabetic". 
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