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Re: [IP] Pump Improvements

The conjecture is that the purpose behind the new 507C is mainly to provide
an interface for MM's new continuous glucose sensor when the FDA approves
it.  The 507 already has two infrared L.E.D. ports on the back, but my
guess would be that a hardwired port would make more sense...

I agree with you though, that waterproofness would be a _real_ desirable
feature for the 507 (maybe in the 508, sigh).

Another improvement that I suggested awhile back is the ability to program
up to, say, 5 square-wave boluses, to be delivered one right after the
other.  That way you could essentially program your own custom
bolus-delivery curve to match your digestive-rate curve for a particular
meal.  This would be especially helpful for people who have gastroparesis,
since the square-wave is just too 'flat' for many of those individuals.
Even non-gastroparetics would benefit when eating things like pizza, since
they could program the pump to deliver a relatively small bolus for the
first 30 minutes, and then gradually ramp it up to cover the huge CHO load
that hits a couple of hours later.

Right now we can do this manually using the square-wave feature, but you
have to remember to program the next square-wave bolus when the previous
one finishes, and that's way too easy to forget...

At 08:44 AM 5/29/98 -0400, Steve wrote:
>A very clear improvement MiniMed can make (and probably take greater market
>share in the US) is waterproofness. I would also like to see power
>indicator, how much battery is left.  
>My prediction is once a continuous monitoring device becomes available, the
>market for pumps will skyrocket. Why bother continously monitoring yourself
>if you aren't going to correct it, and with shots it would be a bit
>bothersome as well as less able to handle <1 unit increments.

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