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[IP] Accu-Check Complete

Just wanted to let everyone in on some new information.  When Ryan went to
visit our Endro, Ryan (10).  We went for growth Hormone problems, testing.
Anyway he gave us a new pump to use.  It comes with a video taht give detailed
It is a meter made for pumpers.  Has a 1000-value memory, easy to use,
ACCURATE, trend reports, can customized to your needs, Trend information can
be viewed over a variety of time periods.  Gives Brk, lunch and Sup at the
same time, like looking at your log, also gives you boluses and basil rate.
Last thing a chart or graph form can be displayed.  It also downloads to
computer software!
The strips are no more expensive than anyother and if you have an accu-check
meter you can use the strips from it.  Ask your Endro, he should offer you
one.  Since they are given to him, and they are for pumpers.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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