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[IP] islet info

This was sent to me from insulin-free world.
Thought some might want to check it out.
Barry Bruce
email @ redacted
ICQ 10047360
On May 16, in St. Louis, Missouri, Drs. Hering, Hayek and Sutherland
addressed a non-scientific audience of more than 400 people. The
Insulin-Free World Foundation brought these three leading experts in the
fields of islet and pancreas transplantation together to bring information
from the scientific community to the people whose lives depend on it.
The lectures were recorded so that people who were unable to attend the
seminar entitled Today's Solutions for Type 1 Diabetes could still have
access to the very important and valuable information that was shared there.
Audiocassettes of each lecture may be bought separately or you may buy the
complete set of three cassettes in an album. Complete transcripts are also
available for a nominal charge. Additonally information from the seminar is
posted on our Internet site to be viewed at no charge.
100% of the royalties from the audiocassettes and all proceeds from the
transcripts are used to support the free services of the Insulin-Free World

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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