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Re: [IP] shot of R to replace basals was (disconnecting for sports)

In a message dated 5/28/98 9:52:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<<  But, she'll need an
 injection at 2:00am to carry her through the rest of the night.  If I give
 3 units of R at 2:00am, she'll bottom out.  I realize that in "theory" the 3
 units are supposed to cover her insulin requirements for the next 6 hours,
 the insulin peak will cause her to go really low.  So...any advice???? >>

Kasey...you have a couple of options here. #1..verify all doses with the endo.
#2...A Nite-Bite snack at bedtime should carry her through the night to the
2AM check.  #3...Use a unit less at 2 AM, and a small drink of milk (4oz.)
with a graham cracker.
#4..check BG again at 4-5AM and make a decision based on that number.
Some new research proves that children under nine do not have adequate
protection from their adrenalin during sleep, so you are right to be cautious
with the 2 AM dose.  I have forgotten Kayla's age here, sorry.  I think option
#1 is your first choice.  Check with your endo about the others, as he or she
may have a different plan.  Best  wishes for successful pumping for Kayla.

Barbara B.
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