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[IP] shot of R to replace basals was (disconnecting for sports)

In a message dated 98-05-28 18:32:08 EDT, you write:

<< Michael wrote
 > an injection of regular with a dose equal to the basal for 4 -5 hours 
 > will easily replace the pump for that period of time.
 True, except that injecting X amount of insulin at one time is NOT the same
 spreading it out over 4-5 hours.  If I take all the basal insulin at 2pm for
 the next five hours...I am gonna be LOW LOW LOW at 330, probably dead by 400,
 and if I ate at 3:45 to prevent impending death, then I will be HIGH  HIGH
 HIGH at 7pm.  

I've been wondering about this, too and Sara did an excellent job of
expressing my concerns as well.  With Kayla starting the pump on Monday
(FINALLY!) I want to give her last NPH dose Saturday evening.  This gives 36
hours for it to clear her system so it won't interfere with setting her
basals.  I figured out all of her ratios (thanks to the excellent FAQ's) and I
know what doses she'll need for the next 24 hours after the last NPH shot: 3
units every 6 hours and .5 units for each 15gCHO.  But, she'll need an
injection at 2:00am to carry her through the rest of the night.  If I give her
3 units of R at 2:00am, she'll bottom out.  I realize that in "theory" the 3
units are supposed to cover her insulin requirements for the next 6 hours, but
the insulin peak will cause her to go really low.  So...any advice????

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