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[IP] Re: Improvements?

Greg wrote:

Physical as well as audible "no delivery" (and other) alarms, for one.  By
this I mean when the pump encounters a problem, it vibrates (as some pagers
do) as well as sound an alarm.

The only way I can hear an alarm on my 507 is to put it to my ear! I have
tenitus and hearing loss too that makes the alarms useless to me. My wife
Rosie does have to tell me at night that is going off for whatever reason.
Other than only one "no delivery" caused from running out of insulin in the
reservoir, the only time I get an alarm is from forgetting to take it off
"suspend" when I take a bath. I would hate to have to drag a wagon full  of
batteries for all the vibrating alarms though. LOL I would like to see that
type of alarm as most men my age do tend to have a significant amount of
hearing loss to miss the audio alarms.

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