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Re: [IP] polyskin/Hibiclens Myth or marketing

At 06:22 PM 5/28/98 -0400, Sara wrote:

>someone (?) wrote:
>> I recently tried using Hibiclens by applying it directly to my skin several
>> minutes [snip] yet the tape came right off (actually never stuck at
>> all). I use Disetronic Tender sets.

That was me who wrote that.

>I only use alcohol, then a Bard wipe which is really sticky, then slap the
>tender or silhouette or whatever the heck it is called, on and I am good
to go
>- and I can be one sweaty dog!!!
>I don't have TIME to wait for Hibiclens to dry, or the alcohol for that
>- I wipe, then bard and by the time i have the tender in hand ith the tape
>pulled back, it isn't completely dry but they still last 5,6,7 days... 

What is a Bard wipe? I haven't heard of these things. Who makes them?

>I am not the most dedicated of pancreatically challenged persons on this list
>or the parents thereof, but I have never had a site infection due to my
>unsanitary habits  (KNOCK ON WOOD), so you know YMMV
I've never had a site infection either and never really had problems with
healing in the past 42 + years with the Big D. I generally shower before my
set changes anyway and usually don't use alcohol. The main reason for
trying Hibiclens was just feeling like maybe I needed to be a little better
about this stuff.

Bob Burnett

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