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Re: [IP] Volunteers needed for mail administration

At 05:02 PM 5/28/98 -0400, Ro wrote:

>Hi Guys
>I would be more than willing to give a hand with admin.
>Does it matter that I hang my hat and pump in Canada?

The thing that matters is that you're part of our "family" here and willing
to help the entire gang. There is another list called IP-Admin (oh, no
another list!!!) which the admins use for communicating about
administration matters. It also offers a path to a "practice area" for new
admins to try the various tasks involved in list administration.

Assignments are on a rotating basis for a week at a time - the more
volunteer admins, the less often you are asked to do this. Vacations are
allowed. Pay is minimal (it's actually no pay), medical benefits non
existent, there is no employee cafeteria, no reserved parking spaces, but
it does leave you feeling like you've helped some others at the end of the

Take a look at the List-admin-HOWTO on the bottom of the volunteer page on
our website for more information.

Thanks to all who've offered help.

Bob Burnett - "admin of the week"

mailto:email @ redacted

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