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Re: [IP] disconnecting for sports

> Michael wrote
> > an injection of regular with a dose equal to the basal for 4 -5 hours 
> > will easily replace the pump for that period of time.
> True, except that injecting X amount of insulin at one time is NOT the same as
> spreading it out over 4-5 hours.  If I take all the basal insulin at 2pm for
> the next five hours...I am gonna be LOW LOW LOW at 330, probably dead by 400,
> and if I ate at 3:45 to prevent impending death, then I will be HIGH  HIGH
> HIGH at 7pm.  

If you're only running a few tenths an hour it should work fine, it 
does for Lily. Bear in mind we're talking R here, not H.

Anyway, as they say YMMV
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