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[IP] polyskin/Hibiclens Myth or marketing

someone (?) wrote:

> I recently tried using Hibiclens by applying it directly to my skin several
> minutes [snip] yet the tape came right off (actually never stuck at
> all). I use Disetronic Tender sets.

Not to be the bad kid in the bunch, again, BUT...I stopped using the Hibiclens
about 6 months after I went on the pump in 93, and voila...my polyskins
stopped pulling off so easy (when I  used bent needles).  I also then stopped
adding those extra strips of tape to hold a loop of tubing to my skin - no
longer necessary

I only use alcohol, then a Bard wipe which is really sticky, then slap the
tender or silhouette or whatever the heck it is called, on and I am good to go
- and I can be one sweaty dog!!!

I don't have TIME to wait for Hibiclens to dry, or the alcohol for that matter
- I wipe, then bard and by the time i have the tender in hand ith the tape
pulled back, it isn't completely dry but they still last 5,6,7 days... 

I am not the most dedicated of pancreatically challenged persons on this list
or the parents thereof, but I have never had a site infection due to my
unsanitary habits  (KNOCK ON WOOD), so you know YMMV

Sara 8-)
who is actaully seeing much better today after laser # ??? last week 600+ hits
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