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Re: [IP] NPTSS (newbie pumper traumatic stress syndrome)

In a message dated 5/28/98 6:43:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<<  now that your sugars are more in control, maybe you are discovering you
 are a different person than you were with less than normal bloodsugars.  That
 is gonna take some adjustment for you and your loved ones.   Your true colors
 finally have a chance to come out, and maybe you are really a olive green
 person, when all this time you thought you were lemon yellow.  Donít fight it
 - there are some people with diabetes who are moody and irritable because
 their sugars are always screwed up (and some of us are just plain B***ES), so
 it might take some time to get used to the normal sugar you, and to find out
 Who You Really Are. >>

I really second this response.  One of the other members brought this to light
 for me.  Could it be that you are mourning the loss of who you were before the
 pump?  Give it time to get to know the " real" you.  You might even really
 like this person.  It is the others around you who will also have to adjust.
 (Chime in any time RT...:<). )  Hope life is getting easier.  Don't be too
 hard on yourself.

Barbara B.

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