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Re: [IP] benefits from this pumpers' forum

> From: Kirez Korgan <email @ redacted>

> I have had ongoing problems with irritation at my sites, I hate the red
> sores, and I always wish I could go longer between site changes
> (currently I go about 2.5 days). In fact, every single site is red and
> irritated, sometimes itching and/or painful, by the time I change it.
> (And I'm meticulous about hygiene, preserving my supplies, using
> alcohol...)

Perhaps you have a problem with the tape? Have you tried using different
kinds of tapes? (See the tape hints booklet from Minimed, I think it's on
our web site, too.) For example, my skin is irritated by Polyskin and the
tape that comes with the Sofsets but not by IV3000. I have to apply a layer
of IV3000 to my skin and insert the sofset *through* it. Otherwise, I get
red welts and itching. 

Minimed will send you samples of different kinds of tape, if you call and

email @ redacted
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