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re: [IP] Mixing Humalog and Buffered Insulin

> From: Eugenia Gracer <email @ redacted> 
> Many of you have made mention of mixing 2/3's humalog with 1/3 of the
> buffered insulin? How in the world do you do that. I am so cautious about
> getting all of the air out of the syringe when I am filling it with
> insulin that I draw up and then push the insulin back into the bottle
> several times. Do you guys have some sort of trick that you have come up
> with?

I guess it's a trick. :-) 

  1. I pull out the syringe plunger all the way and push it back in. Then I
     pull it out about 40 units.

  2. I push 40 units of air into the Velosulin bottle, draw out Velosulin,
     and fiddle with it and the air until I think I've gotten rid of the
     bubbles and have 40 units V in the syringe.

  3. Then I insert the syringe into the H bottle and pull back the plunger
     until I have a total of 160 units of insulin in the syringe. 

I don't get any extra air in the syringe while drawing the H. You could
stop here. But:

  4. I draw in 50 or so units of air, swish it around a few times to make
     sure the H and V are well mixed together, and then push it out. I only
     see the one big air bubble doing this, not little bubbles, so it's
     pretty easy to get rid of it.  I usually lose a little insulin while
     ejecting the air, so I have about 150 units in the syringe now.

  5. I connect the new tubing and fill it from the syringe. Then I put the
     syringe in the pump and continue as I did when I didn't mix H and V. 

You can use however much of each insulin you want, and in whatever
ratio. The main trick is that I get all the air out with the FIRST insulin,
and don't let bubbles in with the second vial. 

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