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[IP] If Bill Gates could see us now

Ellen  wrote:
>sara,  i'm still LOL.  i don't know what you do for a living, but did you 
> ever think of being a comedian?  now that seinfeld is gone maybe 
> you could come up with something new.  i think kramer would be great 
> on the pump. 

naaah - he'd hook it on the door knob every day and each epidose would be
about him and his klutzy stupidity and would make us all look bad again!!


>sara,sara,sara--i'm ROFL --i like your philosophizing very much even 
> if my bg is 48 right now.  i really can't take all this god's will or god's 
> wrath or god's whatever stuff.  keep philosophizing sara.  you have one
> disciple out here. 

To my disciples:  I am a little slow in responding now that I am on the
digest, but I can still read your words, so thanks for your support and
opinions!  I don't actually have a stand up routine...though after being on
this list for 6 months, I can see how one could be worked up very
easily...would you all buy tickets to come see me, or maybe trade strips for

so look out for the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and the
thunderbolts from Mt. Olympus, cuz I am sure they are en route after the
things I have posted today

}-)=B xoxx
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