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[IP] diabetes and moooooods

Debbie Wagers wrote:

> My son, Nathan, just started pumping last Saturday, 5-23.  It has 
> helped him already, but......[snip]   my child is a very moody one 
> to begin with!

Yeah me too!!!  I don’t need no stinkin’ diabetes to have a mooooood if i want
one, and at least now, “they” can’t always blame them on my sugar levels.

Though, we are all quite the volatile, impulsive, dare I say “moody,” 
group of people, aren’t we?  Maybe there is something in our chemistry 
that makes us that way.  Maybe god or whatever bad choice we made 
in our past lives or whatever collective wrath we the human race have 
created for ourselves that dealt us this rotten disease, really did provide 
us with the strength and moody/tenacious/hardheaded-ness to make 
sure we’d be able to fight back...though, I must say I am part Scot and 1/2
Italian, so there is defintely something genetic about my mooooooods...

}-)=B xoxx
my new emoticon with the mischevious/evil/moody eyes, droopy boobs 
and ugly scar!!!  bwahahahahah  
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