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[IP] implantable pump

Ellen said
> i don't think i want one though.  it's the size of a hockey puck 
> which seems big to me and if something goes wrong you have 
> to do surgery again.  

ME TOO!!  I got my scar for this century, thank you very much

> i think i want them to fine tune that thing for a couple of years
> and make it smaller for it to be appealing to me.  

I saw an endo in 1990 who was working on this and looking for people to
participate in the study (I didnít qualify cuz of my proliferative
retinopathy, and they didnít want the improved control to worsen my eye
condition, BUT even then (8 years ago) it was the size of a hockey puck - I
htink there must be a finite size it can get down to, cuz it has to hold all
that insulin + the electronica

who knows- all I do know is I don't want no more people cutting on me until
they perfect and mass market pancreas transplants

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