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[IP] disconnecting for sports

Michael wrote
> an injection of regular with a dose equal to the basal for 4 -5 hours 
> will easily replace the pump for that period of time.

True, except that injecting X amount of insulin at one time is NOT the same as
spreading it out over 4-5 hours.  If I take all the basal insulin at 2pm for
the next five hours...I am gonna be LOW LOW LOW at 330, probably dead by 400,
and if I ate at 3:45 to prevent impending death, then I will be HIGH  HIGH
HIGH at 7pm.  

YMMV, but I know when I have a day at the beach planned where my activities
will be varied, I keep the pump on most of the time - it is in my pocket if I
have on shorts, clipped to my bathing suit or under a towl if I am laying out.
If I am gonna frolic in the water or sand, I check my sugar, bolus if
necessary for a high, and then take it off.  When I come back later...1/2
hour, hour, check again, and if still high, take teh missed basal, but donít
re-cover for the high.

I rollerblade a lot, and the easiest thing for me is to put it in the belly
bag with dextabs, meter and quarter (mom taught me that one too - always have
a quarter in case you need to call - problem is...it costs 35 cents to call in
many places now...and all my friends are long distance!!)

FWIW, I do not bother with the little cap thingie when I disconnect...too much
bother, and i have never noticed an affect on not using it...

For the lucky kid who was dirt biking (Darren?), try putting it a baggie then
putting it in a belly bag.  Make sure the tubing in under the shirt though.  I
had a friend who was dirt biking and sailed past this tree without a scratch
but evidently a limb hooked the tubing and yanked the sucker out - bent
needle, tape and all.  Mike didnít feel a thing at the time and it was only
when he went to eat that he noticed his appendage was missing.  oops.
Fortunately for him, he had listed the pump on his homeowners policy and it
was covered for loss!  Dropping it in the toilet if forgiveable, but Minimed
wonít replace it if you lose it, I guess.

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