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Re: [IP] Mixing Humalog and Buffered Insulin

Another way is to first draw up the Humalog, do all the bubble squirt-back
you're accustomed to, and once you're happy that you're bubble-free, draw
up the additional Regular without squirting anything back.  If you draw it
slowly, you shouldn't introduce any new bubbles in the process.

As far as mixing the two beforehand, I dunno.  Both BR and Humalog use the
same preservatives, but they're probably in different proportions.  I don't
have any idea if changing these proportions would affect the insulins.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?  Has anyone tried it yet?

At 15:08 5/28/98 +0200, John wrote:
>>      Many of you have made mention of mixing 2/3's humalog with 1/3 of the 
>>      buffered insulin? How in the world do you do that. I am so cautious 
>>      about getting all of the air out of the syringe when I am filling it 
>>      with insulin that I draw up and then push the insulin back into the 
>>      bottle several times. Do you guys have some sort of trick that you 
>>      have come up with?
>In a word, Eugenia, no!
>It's just more fiddly filling the syringe without squirting insulin back
>in, but you get used to it.
>I'm still waiting to hear whether it's acceptable to premix the 2
>insulins in their own bottle, as this would certainly make filling
>easier, but there may be so problems here relating to the concentrations
>of preservatives used, so I've not done this yet.

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