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Re: [IP] set changes

> I have had problems with my bs tending to be higher on the day I am due to
> change my sets.  I am on Humalog.  Anyone have any answers as to why?

Many people (and possibly yourself) find that after a few days the
Humalog doesn't get absorbed properly. Various reasons have been
suggested for this, one of which is that the fat eventually decides that
this isn't real insulin (which it isn't - it's been modified!), and so
rejects it.

You have two options - either change the set a day earlier before the
problem sets it, or if you like to get as long as possible from a set,
then mix a little Regular in with the Humalog. Various mixes hav been
tried. Find what works for you. Typically 1 part Regular to 4 or 5 parts
Humalog. This seems to solve the insulin rejection problem. These ideas
are relatively new, so your doctor may not be aware of them. If that is
so, then educate!

Best wishes
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