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Re: [IP] Mixing Humalog and Buffered Insulin

>      Many of you have made mention of mixing 2/3's humalog with 1/3 of the 
>      buffered insulin? How in the world do you do that. I am so cautious 
>      about getting all of the air out of the syringe when I am filling it 
>      with insulin that I draw up and then push the insulin back into the 
>      bottle several times. Do you guys have some sort of trick that you 
>      have come up with?

In a word, Eugenia, no!

It's just more fiddly filling the syringe without squirting insulin back
in, but you get used to it.

I'm still waiting to hear whether it's acceptable to premix the 2
insulins in their own bottle, as this would certainly make filling
easier, but there may be so problems here relating to the concentrations
of preservatives used, so I've not done this yet.

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