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Re: [IP] MiniMed & Disetronic Pumps

Cindy wrote:
> There has been much talk in the past about Disetronic vs. MiniMed pumps.  To
> tell the truth when I saw my first endo about pump therapy he didn't mention
> another pump maker besides MiniMed.  So, that is what I got.  The day I was
> leaving the hospital (pump start) there was a man coming in starting on the D
> pump.  I am curious about Disetronic pumps, not because I am unhappy with
> MiniMed, just curious.  So, I called Disetronic today to get info on their
> pumps and see the video.  May sound silly, but I am just curious.

Although the products are very similar, Minimed has about 80% of the US
market (being a US firm), while Disetronic has 80% of the European
market (being a Swiss firm). They're both fighting very hard for each
other's market! Presumably your endo has struck up a good friendship
with the Minimed rep - oiled by a new set of golf clubs perhaps, or a
nice holiday ;-)

While I can understand your endo dealing just in the Minimed pump if
that's what he's familiar with, he should really offer you both, and let
you make your own informed choice, as this really is a personal

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