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RE: [IP] RE: Improve the 507 ??????

> Anyone got any great ideas???

Physical as well as audible "no delivery" (and other) alarms, for one.  By
this I mean when the pump encounters a problem, it vibrates (as some pagers
do) as well as sound an alarm.  When I'm in a noisy environment (concert,
busy restaraunt, etc.) I can't hear the damn thing at all, and it HAS gone
off twice in such situations (low battery)

I love my Diesetronics, but I wish it had a backlit display like the
Minimeds appear to now.

I'm sure I can come up with others...


Greg Legowski
"No we don't need to spend hundreds to see them --  we spend thousands to
them..." -- H Scott Matthews, on the difference between me having a
in another city and him getting married...

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