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Re: [IP] benefits from this pumpers' forum

Ellen wrote:


>i asked him about the disetronic pump research that someone(i think
>it was bob) mentioned at this site.  the one where they use the peritoneal
>catheter to get insulin to the liver and you wear the pump outside the body.
>this sounds great to me, but my endo says that although this technology is
>ingenious, it is moving way behind minimed's implant that is already in
use in
>europe.  ellen

Yeah, that was my comment about the Disetronic peritoneal catheter. I'm not
touting one technique over another here, but at least the insulin works
with the D plan. As you might recall, the insulin for the implantable pump
is still one of the tricky hurdles. I assume they'll conquer that one, though.

I thought the pump was a bit smaller than a hockey puck. I have a difficult
time picturing the thickness of the device.

Boy, do I wish there was such a thing as a "Diabetes Technology Convention"
- you know, kind of like the big computer vendor shows, or the home and
garden shows at the fairgrounds ;-) Of course, as active members of the
Insulin Pumpers group, we'd all get VIP passes ... ;-)

Bob Burnett (who has had a hockey puck implanted in his head more than once

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