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Re: [IP] benefits from this pumpers' forum

my dr. talked to my pump group about the new implantable pump. he will be one
of the first endos that minimed is allowing to implant in patients in this
country.  of course he says i will be one of the first to get one ( he says
this to all his patients i believe).  i don't think i want one though.  it's
the size of a hockey puck which seems big to me and if something goes wrong
you have to do surgery again.  i think i want them to fine tune that thing for
a couple of years and make it smaller for it to be appealing to me.  i
definitely am interested though.  i will wait to pass judgement after i see it
up close.  i asked him about the disetronic pump research that someone(i think
it was bob) mentioned at this site.  the one where they use the peritoneal
catheter to get insulin to the liver and you wear the pump outside the body.
this sounds great to me, but my endo says that although this technology is
ingenious, it is moving way behind minimed's implant that is already in use in
europe.  ellen
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