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[IP] Hibiclens

I use hibiclens since I started 10/96.  I found last summer that I was
perspiring so much that the tape would not stick.  I called MM and the
nurse I talked to suggested tincture of benzoin; it works for me. I now
clean with the hibiclens, let it dry, swab on the benzoin while I am
lining every thing out for a change.  When it is dry, I just insert the
infusion set. then tape.  I haven't had any tape problems since.
The tincture of benzoin can be bought in a foiled swab ready for use,
or  as a small bottle that I buy costs  $3.45.  It has lasted almost a
year, and I also use it to put on the old infusion site.  I have had no
infections, but then I sill a newbie :o}  hope this helps Laurie B.
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