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Site prepping, was Re: [IP] benefits from this pumpers' forum

At 09:26 AM 5/28/98 -0400, Kirez wrote:


>	I also learned about "site prepping" using Hibiclens. A nurse mentioned
>this to me as a possibility, at my endo's, when I first got my pump, but I
>never tried it. I have had ongoing problems with irritation at my sites, I
>hate the red sores, and I always wish I could go longer between site
>changes (currently I go about 2.5 days). In fact, every single site is red
>and irritated, sometimes itching and/or painful, by the time I change it.
>(And I'm meticulous about hygiene, preserving my supplies, using alcohol...)

What type of insulin are you using? Humalog users report needing to change
sites more frequently, often after 2 days.

I also noticed a difference when I switched from MiniMed bent needles to
Disetronic "Classics" (their brand of bent needles). My sites were much
more comfortable with the Classic sets. I don't know if there is any
difference in the metals in the needles. I know that the Disetronic sets
don't use "glue" to hold the tubing to the needle portion, where the
MiniMed does. My doc and I thought that might be an issue as well. The
ultimate "fix" for my site problems was switching back to Velosulin, but
that 's for another discussion.

>	Well, I purchased some Hibiclens and tried to use it, and it's failed
>miserably -- not because of irritation, but because as soon as I took a
>shower my polyskin came off. That just won't do. I tried it again at my
>next site change, this time allowing the Hibiclens more time to dry, and it
>worked better, but the bottom of the polyskin has rolled up and gotten
>messy -- still unacceptable. 


I recently tried using Hibiclens by applying it directly to my skin several
minutes before changing my set (as per bottle directions). It appeared to
have dried thoroughly, yet the tape came right off (actually never stuck at
all). I use Disetronic Tender sets. Bummer.

The times I used Hibiclens while showering, I was able to thoroughly rinse
it off, but it seems like adhesion of the sets was not all that great

I'm also curious about tricks for using Hibiclens. I don't suffer from
irritation or infections, but I would like to know how to work with this

Bob Burnett

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