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Re: [IP] ruth is right

In a message dated 98-05-25 07:21:25 EDT, you write:

<< Does she not understand the human body
 doesn't behave as a regular machine? When it does, it's nice; but when
 it doesn't, well, that's life. And that's diabetes. >>

Luckily the rest of Darren's diabetes team is great.  After a few choice
letters she concided to prescribing the pump.  She is retiring next month and
we will be having a private party here.  Hopefully the new endo will be more
up with the times.  Thanks for the thoughts.
Liz (Darren's mom, age 13 1/2, dxd 1/95, started pumping 1/98, MM507)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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