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[IP] benefits from this pumpers' forum


	I'm new here, and I believe it's bad form for someone green to 'review' a
social institution, but I'm going to risk it.

	I checked out the May archives and learned a great deal. First, I got my
Minimed 506 in June, 1996, and because I've only seen an endo a couple
times since then -- I just never have time -- I didn't know there was a
507. I hope they've improved the technology; I find the lack of electronic
sophistication appalling. I also learned about the "implantable" pump and
read about it at Minimed's site. Now this is thrilling!  I'm going to look
into getting one implanted -- whether experimentally, or by going out of
the country. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

	I also learned about "site prepping" using Hibiclens. A nurse mentioned
this to me as a possibility, at my endo's, when I first got my pump, but I
never tried it. I have had ongoing problems with irritation at my sites, I
hate the red sores, and I always wish I could go longer between site
changes (currently I go about 2.5 days). In fact, every single site is red
and irritated, sometimes itching and/or painful, by the time I change it.
(And I'm meticulous about hygiene, preserving my supplies, using alcohol...)
	Well, I purchased some Hibiclens and tried to use it, and it's failed
miserably -- not because of irritation, but because as soon as I took a
shower my polyskin came off. That just won't do. I tried it again at my
next site change, this time allowing the Hibiclens more time to dry, and it
worked better, but the bottom of the polyskin has rolled up and gotten
messy -- still unacceptable. 
	What am I doing wrong?
	(Oh, the first time, when my polyskin fell off, I happened to be at a
nurse's house, and she had some Tegamed which I tried for the first time
and I think I prefer it, so I'll probably switch to that.)

	Third benefit, already, from this group: I got the Fast Take meter (free),
and I love it. Haven't figured out the price of test strips yet...  But I
run a great deal, often through the woods and inevitably I end up swimming
in rivers, and the Fast Take fits in a ziploc bag in my fanny pack much
more easily. Readings are accurate. I think this meter's excellent.

	I greatly appreciate this source of information -- and at least for a
while I plan to be involved in the dialogue -- during which time I hope to
contribute something that may be valuable to somebody.

thank you,
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