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RE: [IP] those circled numbers

Kasey, You are soooooo right. As a child I can remember that I thought that I HAD to be perfect.....It wasn't until about 3 years ago when I got a NEW diabetes team..( and I might add, that I think that they're the best) that I was told that this isn't a perfect disease and I'm not perfect.  I've always been ashamed to admit that my BG was all over the place.....My doctor never condemned me,but now we try to figure this out together, which is wonderful....sometimes there are no answers.....which alot of times frustrates me and only makes matters worse.  I've learned after 33 years that it's OK to not be "good" all of the time.  I only wish that I'd been told that as a child.....The guilt was terrible......I APPLAUD you for sticking by your child.....and getting the best for her.......I know how hard it is......
The pump for me has been a major miracle in my life....and I thank God every day for this technology...I'm not going to be a statistic but a survivor and as healthy as I can be....thanks for letting me vent....keep up the good work..!!!!!!

I am really surprised at all these posts about patients being criticized for
their numbers.  We've been through 2 different endos before finally feeling
comfortable with our current endo (he's fantastic).  But none of the 3 endos
has ever criticized us/Kayla for her numbers -- and trust me, the numbers are
all over the place with no recognizable pattern.  Just yesterday she was 61,
141, 318, 49, and 113.  

All 3 endos circled and Xed her numbers to get a better idea of the highs and
lows.  I never felt we were "bad" or doing something "wrong".  The one time a
CDE accused me of putting my child in danger (for starting PT), I got angry,
not feeling guilty.  I know that we are doing the best that we can for Kayla.
Just as all of the pumpers here are doing the best they can.  Without a
perfect pancreas, we aren't going to get perfect numbers.

Maybe I just don't let people make me feel guilty/bad for things that are out
of my control.  If a doctor/health professional has a problem with Kayla's log
book, it's THEIR problem, not mine.

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