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Re: [IP] new pump

In a message dated 98-05-27 12:45:45 EDT, you write:

<< Can someone give me some information on the new 507c pump.  I e-mailed my
 minimed rep and he wanted to know how I heard about it and says that it will
 not be available?!  Does any body know anything else?

Hi Darla!  We were told that the 507C is just being released and that's the
model we will be getting for Kayla (around mid-July after her rental period is
up).  There's not a lot of difference between the 507 and 507C -- "increased
memory and communications capabilities" is what we were told.  Why does it
matter to the rep how you heard about it?  It's part of MM's last stockholders
report, so it couldn't be a secret!!

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