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[IP] Meter bank

Here is some more information on the meter bank.

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>Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 15:35:35 -0500
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>From: Richard Thornton <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Meter Bank, PLEASE READ, you'll love it (xposted)
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>Oh my friends, what a wonderful world it is in which we live. If that
sounds funny coming out of the mouth (keyboard) of someone suffering from
the severe pain of diabetic nueropathy, then funny it shall sound. Remember
when I ask y'all for your blessing in donating almost all of our leftover
meters to the Texas Lions Kids Camp ??? Well, I have an update on that
>WE are not going to give the childrens camp ANY meters!!!!!  Why? Did I
hear someone ask  why?
>Well let me explain....  After getting y'alls blessing, I contacted Rick
Lynch at Fifty/50 Pharmacy to get a count on how many meters we had left.
Rick has been just the most wonderful person. He is the one who took our
meter coupons which were going to expire in October and he turned them into
meters that he has held for the meter bank and continues to do so. (other
wise we would have had a bunch of worthless coupons). So anyway, I contact
Rick about getting the meters sent to the childrens camp and Rick sez, "hey,
I have a better idea" It turns out that Bayer (who also makes a glucometer)
will donate a glucometer to any needy child. All they would need is the
childs name and address !! Can you imagine this! Instead of being able to
help only a handful of the 250+ boys and girls who will go through the Lions
camp this summer, we are now (thru Rick, Fifty/50 Pharmacy and the Bayer
companies) helping out EVERY SINGLE child who will attend their camp this
summer!!!  AND, we still have our meters to be able to help some other folks
who might need them !  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! Does the Lord not work in
wonderful ways! (no religious discussion intended). I still have a grin on
my face that goes from ear to ear.  Each and every one of you who has helped
and prayed and wished good thoughts for the meter bank ought to have that
same BIG GRIN on your face. Without all of us, none of this would be
possible. We are helping 250 children who otherwise might not have ever
gotten to learn how to test their blood sugar. Folks I don't know about you,
but I am just busting with pride and joy! I am just busting because we can
help ALL the kids and not have to pick and choose. When you do that someone
loses and I don't like to see any child lose.
>Well I thought you all would like this news. Stay tuned for more good
things to come. We still have meters to give away so we are still in
business. Keep them cards and letters coming. Stay tuned to this channel for
more wonderful updates about good things to happen. 
>Oh yeah, we would like to work on something for strips, you know that some
of you have some extras laying around where you didn't test as often as you
should have. Think about it. I'll be bugging ya for them in the near future.
Cause I REALLY like this feeling, and I want to do it MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Thanks y'all, it wouldn't have happened without you...
>Richard A Thornton
>email @ redacted

At 08:10 AM 5/25/98 -0400, Bob Burnett wrote:
>There used to be a very active "meter recycling program" coordinated on a
>voluntary basis by an individual on one of the other mailing lists. Used
>meters were sent to him and they were transferred to individuals to be used
>as "trade ins" on vendor rebate offers. In addition, the points coupons
>distributed by some vendors with their products were collected and traded
>in as part of vendors' rebate programs. The last time I checked (over 4
>months ago) well over 200 meters had been upgraded / distributed through
>the efforts of this person, which was outstanding.
Michael Strong
Fayetteville, NC
Email: email @ redacted

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