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Re: Rebate coupons, was Re: [IP] Re: FastTake

     To add to the "fast take" reports on FAST TAKE, I finally got around to
calling LIFESCAN yesterday morning....Asked for Eugene & was told he wasn't
coming in (sure hope he didn't quit!) so I spoke to Amy, gave her my whole
spiel about how the supervisors should be THRILLED with all these requests for
free meters from Insulin Pumpers because if their meter is as great as I'm
hearing then a) they'll be selling TONS of strips and b) this cyber-connected
community will spread the word...etc etc etc....She laughed knowingly through
my whole pitch (guess she'd heard it before!!!), said they'd send me a free
one, but that they're on back-order...
      DUH! Imagine my surprise when a FED EX truck showed up at my door
appproximately 24 hours after I spoke to Amy....And no, I most certainly
didn't ask for that service.....Haven't tried it yet because Melissa's not
home, but from my non-diabetic perspective, it really is "so cute"!...Hope
it's as accurate as it is adorable!

Regards, Renee

p.s. and now I too have a rebate coupon if anyone wants it.....
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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