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Re: [IP] Re: ruth is right

liz, i was glad to see your note, but unhappy about your endo's expectations.
i think your point was covered well at this site, but it has always bothered
me how drs. treat children because of my bad experience with drs. when i was
young.  of course this was 30 years ago, but my dr. always made me feel like a
failure because my urine glucoses were so erratic.  i am surprised that any
endo still has this attitude especially with children.  someone at this site
commented that they wouldn't let a dr. make them feel guilty but that person
is an adult.  i wouldn't either NOW, but as a nine year old child, my dr. made
me feel terrible.  as a result, i quit taking care of myself and didn't
attempt to take control again until i was mature enough to realize that what i
was doing was counter-productive.  i feel now that he had the worst influence
on me.  if he had been more supportive and encouraging, and less judgemental,
he would have been a much better dr.--ellen
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