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Hello :-)

Just wanted to remind all of you about the Wednesday pump support chat at 
9 p.m. Eastern.  All of the chats so far have been very good.  There are many
of you that haven't been able to join us yet and I hope you can make the time
to join us this evening.  

So far the 3 scheduled days are the same.  Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at
9 p.m. Eastern each night.  The chatroom is open all other days and times,
just pop and and hopefully you will find someone there to chat with.  I was
hoping it could run basically like the diabetes chat that meets each night.
Maybe with time as this chat gets established.  If you do find people there on
one of the "off" nights will you please let me know so I can keep tabs on this
and pass along the info.  

Thanks to all of you that have been coming on a regular basis to the pump
chat.  I can do my part and send out reminders but only you can keep this room
alive.  Only all of us together can make this work.  Hope to see you tonight.
Bye for now.

 <A HREF="aol://2719:2-2-Insulin%20Pumpers">Insulin Pumpers</A> 

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