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Rebate coupons, was Re: [IP] Re: FastTake


I have approximately 10 rebate coupons for these Fast Take meters. If
anyone needs a coupon, please e-mail me privately with your "snail mail"
address and I'll get one to you.

These coupons were sent to me by Lifescan after a conversation with them
several weeks ago. I indicated that I knew some folks who would be
interested in these and they sent me a bunch.

Let me know.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

Wayne wrote:

>Wendy, when I called Lifescan's 800 number yesterday, they said they would
>send me a rebate certificate for $65.  They may not be giving them out by
>mail, but you can buy one and then get a 100% (or greater) rebate check.
>You just need to find a store that is carrying them.  Thier 800 nubmer
>should also be able to tell you where to buy one.   REgarding the new DEX
>from Bayer, I just got a letter from them last week saying they won't be
>sold in the US until the early part of 1999.

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