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[IP] those circled numbers

I am really surprised at all these posts about patients being criticized for
their numbers.  We've been through 2 different endos before finally feeling
comfortable with our current endo (he's fantastic).  But none of the 3 endos
has ever criticized us/Kayla for her numbers -- and trust me, the numbers are
all over the place with no recognizable pattern.  Just yesterday she was 61,
141, 318, 49, and 113.  

All 3 endos circled and Xed her numbers to get a better idea of the highs and
lows.  I never felt we were "bad" or doing something "wrong".  The one time a
CDE accused me of putting my child in danger (for starting PT), I got angry,
not feeling guilty.  I know that we are doing the best that we can for Kayla.
Just as all of the pumpers here are doing the best they can.  Without a
perfect pancreas, we aren't going to get perfect numbers.

Maybe I just don't let people make me feel guilty/bad for things that are out
of my control.  If a doctor/health professional has a problem with Kayla's log
book, it's THEIR problem, not mine.

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