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Re: [IP] Re: ruth is right

On 26 May 98 at 17:49, BBradRN wrote:

> Sorry to hear that having the numbers circled causes you such distress.  I
> need to circle numbers or highlight them in different colors to assist me in
> identifying where insulin basals or boluses need to be adjusted.  If any of my
> patients are offended by this, none of them has communicated this to me. We
> work together as a team to try to get the best control as possible, knowing
> that it will never be perfect (unless a real pancreas is available).  You are
> the most important person in this team ( or at least your child is).  There
> are too many variables that affect BGs, and some of them will never be under
> anyone's control.  We just keep trying to help you get the best possible
> control and try to point out where you can make the best choices to control as
> many variables as possible.
> I hope I don't sound too defensive here.  

I think the problem is when the circled numbers are used as a 
scorecard and the person is screamed at and told "you are a BAD, BAD 
person because you have this score"...  when the numbers are used as 
data to help modify treatment without yelling then they can be 
useful, but when they are used to accuse a person of "cheating" or as 
a put down because the medical professional needs to "feel in 
control" then they are extremely damaging.

I know many doctors who think that if you "follow the rules" then 
your bg will NEVER be out of range, and if it is out of range then 
you must have broken the rules or otherwise "become non-compliant".

Randall Winchester

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