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Re: [IP] Semi-dry run

Earlier today I called MiniMed and asked what they had that would clip to
the belt horizontally. They said they had a zippered pouch that did just
that. So, I bought it at $24.95. We'll see, when it arrives in a few days.

I'll check out the web site you provided and see what they have too.


At 5/26/98 - 09:36 PM Becky Draper wrote:
>Hi Sam-
>Sorry for the late reply on this, but I'm soooooo behind in my email.
>I hate the stiff leather case and clip and that came with my 507.  I'm
>short waisted, and it was always jabbing me in the side.
>I found some great alternatives at the Unique Pump Accessories Web
>site.  You can order on line if you wish.  Here's the URL for their web
>I ordered the "Clip-n-go," which is a very nice nylon, water resistant,
>light weight case with a small clip.  It CLIPS to anything!  You don't
>even need belt loops!  It has never fallen off.  Even after 3 weeks of
>lifting and hauling rocks, dirt and landscaping blocks.
>I also ordered an item called the "Belter."  This has a similar nylon
>case to the "clip it," except it's on a velcro belt.  The case can be
>worn vertical or horizontally.  I use this when I play racquet ball.  It
>keeps my pump close to the middle of my body and keeps the pump from
>flopping around.  It's VERY secure and can be worn snugly if needed.
>I highly recommend both items.  Their customer service rep was very
>nice.  Service was prompt and done with a smile.
>Becky D.
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> I had my second visit with the CDE yesterday and since I already had my
>> MiniMed 507 pump, we decided to hook me up with saline for a test. We
>> the Silhouette and I've had no problems with it after being connected
>> almost 24 hours.
>> I'm just trying to figure out what to do with the tubing and how to wear
>> on my belt. What I really wish was that they had a clip that let me
>> the pump horizontally. It doesn't seem like it would be very hard to
>> a clip that would work horizontally. I wonder why they don't have one.
>> have it attached to my belt through the loops of the case, but that
>> it much harder to change clothing and I need to take the pump out of
>> case for bedtime, etc.
>> Anyhow, I think I'm going to like this thing... I start for real June
>> which is just a couple of weeks from now.
>> Sam

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