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From:          CamelsRFun <email @ redacted>
Date:          Tue, 26 May 1998 22:04:13 EDT
To:            email @ redacted
Subject:       FastTake

Here's our first experience (?) with the FastTake
Zachary read the manual, programmed it, got it ready for testing. He 
tested on 

The FastTake -- 40 mg/dl
Profile--------167 mg/dl
FastTake Again 134 mg/dl

I called LifeScan and got all kinds of excuses about how he must have 
pushed on the mesh the first time he applied the blood. While you are 
allowed to touch the mesh area while pulling the strip from the vial and 
putting the strip in the meter, one must never ever apply any pressure 
to the mesh when applying the blood  (This is NOT mentioned in the manual). P
L E A S E. Is this a design flaw or what? Then the customer service rep had no
explanation for why the FastTake's second reading was LOWER than the Profile's
because it should be reading higher. So he had me run the control solution for
each meter (and the check strip for the profile) All came up perfect. 
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I think they have quite a few kinks to work out.

Oh, the icing on the cake, the rep asked if my son tested again on the 
FastTake. I politely let the genius know that I thought three pokes was 
quite enough for my child to have agreed to. 

Ellen Ullman (email @ redacted)

Michael <email @ redacted>
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