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[IP] High sugars , ARNIE

   Hi, Arnie, 
      I also have different sugars at different times in the day. What
works for me is having different ratios for counting carbs, at each
eating time. BREAKFAST i NEED 1 unit to every 10 grams carbs, lunch 1
to 12, dinner 1 to 15 and bed snack, 1 to 22 grms.
 When my activity level changfes, I either take a different ratio or I
do temporary basal rates for a few hrs to compensate. Check with your
dr, or diabetes educator. It's worked really well for me. One thing to
remember, if you have a lot of saturated fat at a meal(pizza) it can
raise your blood sugar up some 8 hrs (or more) later on. It is more to
think about, but did does help me understand better what my body is
doing. hope you find an answer for yourself, Arnie.
       Bye for now, Barb G  (5yrs pumping, 25yrsDM)

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