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Re: [IP] Re: ruth is right

As I said in my original reply, I'd love to have someone looking that
closely.  I'm certain that you can communicate well with your patients since
you definately do well here.  Hence, they understand what you are doing and
the intentions that you have.

I've only been insulted when I was accused of somehow "lying" about what
readings they were looking at.  How would that benefit me, and why would I
go to all that work in order to decieve such that I could then pay for
errant answers?  Perhaps it is common -- but I personally don't understand
why anyone would do it, especially with recording meters.  I'm uncertain of
what fluid you could use to fool a meter unless you used a non-diabetic when
you wanted to have normals, then fooled around with your pump to create
highs and lows.  But why? Please, all of the medical professionals here, be
careful not to accuse without certainty.

Take care,

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