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Re: [IP] I need some Help !

At 09:16 PM 5/26/98 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi guys (and gals), I need everyones help !
>After months of sore sites and raising bolusing needs, I switched off of
>Humalog and back to regular insulin. Now Im having lots of lows. Does this
>just mean I need to lower back my bolus rates or could their be something
>wrong. Any ideas anyone?
>email @ redacted


You will need to re evaluate your basal rates and bolus requirements. They
will surely be different on Regular / Velosulin than they were on Humalog.

The timing of your rate changes will also need to be looked at. With
Humalog, it's often possible to make a basal rate change 1/2 to 1 hour
prior to the expected result. With Regular / Velosulin, you may need a
longer lead time - perhaps as long as 90 minutes.  I find that since I
switched back to Velosulin, the lead time for my basal rate changes is
close to 2 hours. As strange as it seemed when I switched, this pattern
works for me.

You may find that your boluses cover a different amount of carbs once you
switch back. This is fairly easy to check and should be done after your
basal rates are tested and verified.

Holler if you need help with this. There are a number of us who have
changed back and forth - we may have some suggestions.

Bob Burnett

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