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Re: [IP] Duration of Square Wave Boluses

> set anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours, I'm wondering what sort of
> guidelines others use.  Or is this strictly a trail and error YMMV thing?

Think of it visually as matching your digestion rate (glucose 
production) with the blood insulin level. Take a look at the little 
chart supplied in your insulin box that shows the blood insulin 
levels vs: time. You want to set the square wave so that is stops 
soon enough to allow the last insulin put in to be used as the last 
food digests.  Confuesd??

For example. If you eat pizza that takes 6 hours to digest because of 
all the fat and cheese and you use Humalog, you might want to bolus 
1/2 when you start to eat and spread the remainder over another 2 1/2 
hours when you end the meal a half hour later.

Let see.... that's 1/2 half hour for the meal + 2 1/2 hours for the 
square wave + 2 hours for the humalog to be used up.  Total 5 hours. 
There is still a little tail on the Humalog so the 6 hours will be 
covered fine.

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