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GEHA coverage was (Re: [IP] Going on pump...one of these days.)

In a message dated 98-05-25 22:24:47 EDT,

<<Meshell,  just curious about which plan you WERE on...we are FEHB and
switched to GEHA last year b/c better hospitalization coverage.  But we're
gonna have to switch again next year or the year after.  (GEHA's durable
equipment has a $10,000 lifetime cap and pump supplies are billed under DME.
We'll hit that within 2 years.)  We've still got time to think about it, but I
dread swithching AGAIN!!!  I've looked into BCBS and don't like the coverage
vs. cost.  Kasey  >>

Kasey, last year I had National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC).  THey
purchased my pump and I was able to get my supplies thru the mail order
program.  This year they decided to start covering transplants and the cost
doubled, the deductible doubled and many of the benefits went down.  It no
longer fit our needs.  I looked in the plan brochure and it doesn't look like
there is a cap on DME supplies. I hope not.  It was much easier when I could
get a 3 month supply thru the Mail Order Program, but so far, things have been
good with Home Medical.  You can order 3 month supplies from them, too.  I had
some problems with Diabetes Self Care (in VA).  They did not bill BC correctly
and instead of refiling, wanted me to pay what they thought I should pay.  I
wrote them and told them I would not pay anything until they filed it
correctly.  I haven't heard from them since.  Good luck.  The first couple of
months this year were very trying & frustrating in getting pump supplies and
finding a provider to bill correctly.  

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