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[IP] Back again

Excuse me while I go on and on but....as I said this morning I was going
back to my Dr. to see about the results from the mono test. Well, they were
negative and now he says my lymph nodes are more swollen than last week! I
am going bananas! First it was strep.....then mono.......today he says he's
not sure maybe sinus! It is definitely not a sinus problem, my nose is fine,
my ears are fine, the only problem is in my neck, the nodes are very
swollen...his answer again? Here more antibiotics!!!!!!!! I just finished a
10 day round! With no improvement, and after which he said "Oh you didn't
need those after all, it's probably a viral infection". I have to remind
this doctor before he writes a prescription that I am
diabetic..............Has anybody ever had a problem like this with their
lymph nodes being swollen like this? For 3 1/2 weeks? Sorry to be whining I
guess it's just a really bad day.

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