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Re: [IP] Re: ruth is right

On 24 May 98 at 13:31, Cuatfshzoo wrote:

> Every endo we have seen since dxd has harped on our numbers,
> circled our books and treated us like criminals, as if we are doing something
> wrong.  I have changed endos several times and told the last one that if she
> circles our book, we are walking out.  Numbers are a tool to see what is going
> on in our sons body, not a means of measuring him as a "good" or "bad"
> diabetic.  He can not always explain what is happening in his body, but he
> does his best and I salute him for that.  As Michael has said, giving our kids
> as normal a life as possible, is one of the best things we can do.  If pushing
> for a pump gives them as much of a normal life as possible then go for it.  I
> remember as a teenager how much I loved to sleep in, that was a luxury taken
> away from my son until the pump.  He also loves to sleep in now, and I have
> piece of mind.  So sorry this is sooo wrong, but yes the endos do expect a lot
> out of us parents!!!!!!

There are a few "bad" patients with diabetics, but they are vastly 
outnumbered by the idiots, creeps, jerks and just plain criminals 
masquerading as "medical professionals"...   and then there are the 
doctors and nurses who are basically decent professionals but who are 
burned out and overworked because of the insurance companies and 
our government who both seem determined to reduce medical costs by 
letting people die for lack of decent care...  

The best response is to put the doctor on the spot - and tell them 
that as a consumer you are coming to them for information.  Why can't 
they tell you why things change when you keep everything constant?  
Put the ball in their court, and just tell them that if they aren't 
smart enough to help figure it out then they need to get more 
information...  the good ones will admit that they don't know 
everything and will help you develop strategies to deal with the 

Randall Winchester

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