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Re: [IP] set changes

I'm behind on reading posts, but I'm going to respond anyway. :-)

> Renee wrote:
> >    This a.m. I walked by her room at 6:00 & saw her tossing & turning and
> >breathing strangely...woke her up to test & she was 280!!!...

> And Bob replied
> This happened to me numerous times when I was on Humalog and became very
> common just prior to me discontinuing Humalog....
> Our operating theory at this point is that I am "allergic" or highly
> "sensitive" to Humalog.

Renee -- I don't know how long Melissa had the set in, but you did say she
was due for a set change. When I was using straight H, on numerous
occasions I woke up during the night to discover that my body was acting
like the pump was disconnected. It wasn't. Something about the set had gone

On these occasions, my blood sugar might be in the 400's, or it might only
be 250. I usually had at least moderate ketones, though, felt nauseous and
otherwise "sick", and was exhausted and groggy for at least the morning, if
not the whole day. That's even after changing the set and bringing my bg
back to normal. And my athletic performance suffered that day, too, eg, I
couldn't swim as fast. 

This phenomenon happened with approx. 1 out of 3 sets if I left them in
more than 2 days. It happened once or twice a month even when I did change
sets every 2 days.

It doesn't happen any more since I switched to a 3:1 ratio of H:V, and I
change sets every 3 days now.

See if it happens again -- Melissa's experience sounds similar to both
Bob's and mine (and our experiences had totally different causes).

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