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[IP] reliable meters

Kasey wrote about the SureStep (a few days ago - I was on vacation :-):
> And I was told by our CDE that it's one of the most reliable meters for
> BG's way out of bounds (way high or way low).

I really like the Dex meter for it's portability (also about pump size, and
I DON'T need to carry a vial of strips with it) and fast reading (30
seconds, but I don't have to spend any time fussing with a bottle of
strips, which takes another 15-20 seconds with my Profile). 

However, I had a lousy experience with it this weekend. I came in at
bedtime (2:30am, it was a late evening) and tested at 116. I disconnected
the pump and took a shower, then reconnected and got into bed (elapsed time
about 20 minutes). I couldn't sleep. I felt low. I tested with my Profile,
and it said 50. So I drank 8oz apple juice, and retested with the Dex 5 min
later. The Dex read 126. The apple juice doesn't work THAT fast. I was
really annoyed that the Dex was so far off. 

I've tested it side-by-side with the One Touch 2, Profile, and Complete
before and gotten similar readings (statistically the same reading). What

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