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Re: [IP] exercise question

i ran my 8K race.  i reached my goal of NOT finishing last, but i was
disappointed in my bg readings.  my bg had been around 100 every morning and
so i figured i was fairly stable.  the morning of the race, my bg was
210(6am).  i took 2 units of humalog to drop it 100 points.  i ate half a
bagel before the race(15g of cho--i always do this before i run) and right
before the race(7:15am) i checked again and it was 350.  i was immediately
bummed out.  i was thinking i was just overly excited, but what a difference.
i only took 1 unit b/c my bg can drop 200 points if i am running hard.  i
usually eat gatorade gel after 30' of running b/c it usually drops lowest at
that point.  of course, starting with such a high bg, i didn't do that.  i
really didn't start feeling good until i reached mile 4 and started getting
more energy and picking up a lot of speed.  BTW, i cannot run when my bg is
below 60.  i just feel too tired.  i also feel tired above 200, but i know it
will come down soon.  anyway, i checked my bg at the end of the race and it
was 350.  i was stunned.  i don't get it. i would never have predicted that.
i'm beginning to worry about preparing for the next race.  i do not test while
i am running b/c it cuts into my time, but my practice runs were the opposite
of this.  i kept trying to keep from going low.  maybe some of you athletes
out there have a suggestion.  thank you for any input.  ellen
p.s. my bg was 100 by 12pm.
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